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You have to be the most creative person I have ever seen. Wordplay, jokes, and capturing current events all in one makes this the BEST THING EVER

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damn ad...

good game but the ad made me quit because no matter where i clicked it landed in the middle


all you did was make the gravity and randomly place the same things on each level. No thought or time was put into some smart way of putting the tiles you have to avoid.

great idea

great idea, but when I did the actions, it didn't change the mouth, can you please break it down for me further, as I am new to flash coding. I put the the action in the keyframe itself is that correct?

digitalk responds:

yes, you put the action in the key frame...


where the word letter is, change to the letter you want it to say

Needs a hook

Dude I thought it was an okay game until i had to stay in that small circle, and I didn't really feel like putting that much time into going through it. I think this game needs a purpose or hook to keep playing and it would be more fun.

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good but

If you click a level you already beat it restarts the level and if you click on lvl 1 and lose after beating it it restarts the game... not the interesting either


suddenly my computer screen started vibrating as i read that!!!! AHHH

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so stupid

it was fun and fine until it randomly wouldnt let me move and i starved to death. plus the chance games are like impossible and the tank game you shouldnt even bother...

good but then...

its awesome until i drop a ball on the wood and it starts bouncing on the corner and there is no way to restart the level -.- i couldnt do anything that i sawn possible

doesn't work

I would have given more but it was too short of a game :/ also I would be fine with that since the full is at your website but the button to visit your website doesnt even work!

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